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June 6, 2020: A big update for you: we've added all our music to Bandcamp, complete with bonus tracks and artwork extras. This isn't just any ordinary move to a new retailer, though. We've also released the previously unheard full version of a murder of crows. Now, it is available in it's original full album version, not the EP version that was released way back. Enjoy!

May 25, 2020: Five years can pass very fast. We haven't stopped working on the new album, but things are a bit glacial. Finishing a mix here, adding a part there. We've had big life changes: a big move (hopefully our last), and a little one to take care of and keep alive. We offer our humblest apologies; we're trying to get it done. Soon (we hope)! First things first, we're cleaning up the website. Thanks for checking in!

Jun. 11, 2015: You've got to be comfortable while you're listening to a rough mix. Plastic dinosaurs and Victorian furniture definitely help.

Mark listening to a rough mix.

Jun. 4, 2015: It takes a long time to get new songs to sound right. Translating the psychological experience of a song played live to a recording hits snags, breaks branches, and gets logjammed. We’re still working away, diligently trying to make the new recordings live up to our expectations. It’s slow, but it will be worthwhile. We’ve managed to get two of the new songs completely recorded and mixed, and we’ve started on a third. There are ten songs in total, so it will still be a while, but we promise we’ll keep you in the loop. In the meantime, experience the Electribe V...

The Electribe V

Mar. 27, 2014: Things progress.

things progress... Mark & Melissa both are recording.

Feb. 26, 2014: For what it's worth, we've started recording our next album.

assorted hellothisisalex equipment strewn about a room; we are recording a new album

July 21, 2013: With our year of remixes and revisitations now behind us, we are now ready to present you with the album that gathers them all together, including one more new track previously unheard and unreleased. ‘Anniversary’ is now available to consume from CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon, and more. We’re glad you could tag along on this trip with us. We’ve had a blast. Celebrate with us! Have some cake!

What’s coming next? You’ll just have to wait and see. There must be some new music; after all, there were those previously unheard songs played at Lupercalia...

June 27, 2013: Here's a peek at the album art for 'anniversary':

album art for 'anniversary'

April 7, 2013: We're currently working on gathering up all the remixes and revisitations for our upcoming album 'Anniversary.' In the meantime, we've spent a day on the farm mucking about and doing our usual thing.

Come visit the farm.

February 21, 2013: Remix No. 12 is ‘Snow on the Tongue,’ an unfinished track from ‘across the river twin.’ Originally intended as the album’s close, we never could seem to take the music where we wanted. Frustrated, we set the song aside. Once we had finished ‘the beauty queen waves goodbye,’ the album felt complete. In the end, ‘Snow on the Tongue’ was shelved with only three parts intact. The passing time gave us the answer we needed for finishing it, and now it sees the light of day.

Listen for the first time:

With Remix No. 12 we complete the year-long 10+1 year anniversary celebration. We’re now at our twelfth year, and we’re getting right curmudgeonly (but just a little). We need our slippers, the daily newspaper (what’s that?), and naps in wingback chairs.

But lest you wonder where you’ll get your fill of hellothisisalex remixes, fear not! We will be releasing all of these blasts from the past on ‘Anniversary,’ the new hellothisisalex album later this year. We’ll give you the release date in an announcement as soon as possible. Until then, happy napping!

January 20, 2013: To start off 2013, we give you a track that was never officially finished, and never officially released. ‘Group Geography’ was started around 2007, with the track being built on top of shortwave radio broadcasts recorded by a good friend living in northern China. Eventually it reached a passable state and faded into obscurity in our archive. For this month’s remix, we redid some parts and added some new ones. Here it is, heard by the outside world for the first time, a cold new track to match the wind chill.

Listen to the remix:

December 20, 2012: As the calendar year’s end suddenly approaches, we return to ‘The New North,’ a song written for Minus 40. Minus 40 was a project pairing artists and musicians with National Film Board of Canada films. For it, we re-scored 1946’s ‘The New North,’ a piece of wartime propaganda about the building of the Alaska-Canadian Highway. The original song featured samples of the film’s narration, but for this month’s remix, we decided to revisit the original instrumental version of the song. We didn’t add anything new, but we re-did the mix from the ground up. We hope this mix tides you over until we return in 2013. Cheers to the return of the sun!

Listen to the instrumental mix:

November 21, 2012: Sometimes you have to let a song sleep for a long time to get it right. Once upon a time, ‘a murder of crows’ was a full-length album. Then time passed and we started to feel like too much of the album felt wrong. Eventually, we compromised, cutting the album down to an EP and removing everything we were unsatisfied with. One of the removals was the extended section that introduced ‘The soft form of old corpses.’ This section, ‘He casts a shadow, his phantom looms,’ has finally been completely remade, gifting the properly sombre introduction back to the wistful (and perplexingly upbeat) ‘The soft form of old corpses,’ which has also been remixed. Check out ‘He casts a shadow, his phantom looms’ for the first time, and compare ‘The soft form of old corpses’ with the original...
Listen for the difference...

Listen to the remix:

October 21, 2012: ‘Toy trains for birds’ is a simple bit of fun that ended up being on the MUTEK.02 compilation: unpretentious, to the point, and candy-coated. We couldn’t resist revisiting it to see how we might write the song nowadays. A few more trains, a few more birds, and hey... there it is. (PS: we’ve also started posting our remixes on Soundcloud, so feel free to share the tracks, embed them on your own pages and blogs, comment on the tracks, and so on.)
Listen for the difference...

Listen to the remix:

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