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'Anniversary' album coverAnniversary. alectric:audio. AR007. Released July 21, 2013. Digital release only. Where can I buy this?

'the accidentals' album coverthe accidentals. alectric:audio. AR006. Released September 14, 2009. Digital release only. Where can I buy this?

'across the river twin' album coveracross the river twin. alectric:audio. AR004. CDr. Released August 13, 2004. Limited to 150 copies. Where can I buy this?

'the canadian spelling program' album coverthe canadian spelling program. PIE002. hellothisisalex. Piehead Records (RIP). Released: 04.11.2002. Where can I buy this?

'the anachim thorn' album coverthe anachim thorn. ar002. hellothisisalex. alectric records. Released: 12.01.2001. Where can I buy this?


'The Stump Act' EP coverThe Stump Act. alectric:audio. AR005. CDr. Released: October 18, 2006. Limited to 125 copies, numbered. Where can I buy this?

'a murder of crows' EP covera murder of crows. alectric:audio and Piehead Records (RIP). ARP001. MP3-EP. Released: February 23, 2004. Download here. Where can I buy this?

'homelife' EP coverhomelife. hellothisisalex. alectric records (now available through alectric audio). Released: 09.21.2001. MP3s only. Download here.

'the acorn children' EP coverthe acorn children. ar001. hellothisisalex. alectric records. Released: 02.15.2001. Where can I buy this?


'-40' album cover-40. csc 011. various artists. C0C0S0L1DC1T1. Released Fall 2004. CD/DVD Booklet release. Where can I buy this?

'Save Your Fork, There's Pie!' album coverSave Your Fork, There's Pie! various artists. Piehead Records (RIP). Released 12.11.2002. Limited edition available only to subscribers of the Piehead 2002 series.

'MUTEK 02' album covermutek 02. mtk02. various artists. mutek_rec. Released: 05.12.2002. Where can I buy this?

'The New Electric Policy' album coverthe new electric policy. pi005. various artists. Portable Island recordings (became Red Antenna, both RIP). Released: 04.01.2001.